How do I trash a photo?

Swipe the photo up to put it in trash and it will no longer show up as unsorted. You can view trashed photos by clicking the trash icon and delete/recover them.

What happens when I trash a photo?

Nothing. Slidebox simply marks those photos as "trashed" within the app and you no longer see them in unsorted. Nothing happens to those photos outside of Slidebox.

What happens when I delete trashed photos?

They are deleted from your iOS Photo Library on all your devices. However, you have 30 days to recover them.

How can I recover photos that I deleted?

Photos you deleted are kept in "Recently Deleted" album in your iOS Photo Library for 30 days. Open Photos app and go to "Recently Deleted" album to recover them.

How do I favorite a photo?

Pull the photo down to mark it favorite. Pull it down again to unmark it favorite.

What happens when I mark a photo favorite?

It will show up in "Favorites" section of Slidebox and it is also marked favorite in your iOS Photo Library.

What happens when I unmark photo favorite?

It no longer shows up in the “Favorites” section and the photo is no longer marked favorite in your iOS Photo Library.

What happens when I create an album in Slidebox?

A corresponding iOS album will be created in your iOS Photo Library and any changed made from Slidebox to this album will be reflected in the iOS Photo Library.

What happens when I remove an album from Slidebox?

They no longer show up in Slidebox but are still available in your iOS Photo Library. You can permanently delete the album through the iOS Photos app.

Can I organize photos from my iCloud?

Yes. Slidebox shows you photos from both your iPhone and iCloud Photo Library. They are treated exactly the same.

What does enabling cloud do?

It allows you to access your Slidebox from all of your verified devices. Enabling cloud also syncs your photos to your cloud so they're safe even if you lose your device.

How do I enable cloud?

Your phone number is used to identify your Slidebox. You verify your phone number to enable cloud. We send you a one-time verification code that you can enter to enable cloud.

Do I pay to enable cloud?

No. You'll be on free subscription when you enable cloud. It will sync photos in your favorites up to a hundred photos. You can upgrade to sync all your photos and albums.

How do I upgrade my cloud?

You can sync all your photos and albums by upgrading your Slidebox. It's $4.99/month and is currently available in US/Canada only. It's coming to more countries very soon.

Are my photos available in their original quality?

Yes. All photos are available in their original quality, even with free subscription. You may also download the original photos back to your device and they will be identical.

Can I delete my account?

Yes. Go to settings and click the account tab to see the menu to delete account. Deleting account will wipe all your photos and albums from Slidebox and is not recoverable.

Can anybody see my Slidebox?

No. Slidebox is only accessible to you on your verified devices. Nobody else can access your Slidebox.

Are my photos stored safely?

Yes. Slidebox stores all your photos with AES-256, the industry standard encryption. When you access the photos, it is transported securely over Secure Socket Layer (SSL).

Is there a hard limit to how many photos I can store?

No. Slidebox is designed to store all your favorite photos and albums. There is a soft limit of 10,000 photos to protect against abuse, but it's fine if you go over as long as you are not abusing our service.

Is Slidebox available on Android?

Yes. There is an Android app for Slidebox but it currently does not support cloud. This feature is coming soon.

Can I store videos?

Not right now. We are working on storing videos but they are not supported currently.

How can I contact someone at Slidebox?

You can always contact us via our support email: